9 Backpacking Tips for traveling to Singapore

Singapore is a perfect destination for backpackers who enjoy budget and convenient trip. There are numbers of tourist attraction sites to explore. You will need more than just a day to have a taste of Singapore life. Before digging in more of Singapore, let’s talk about some tips on how to make your trip more efficient.

1. Plan your trip in details

Planning is the best way to keep your trip organised. You can also save more budget on your trip by making a clear plan before you travel. If you are a backpacker who loves photography, you should browse photographer’s spots and list them in detail. Name the place and time to visit, for example, sunrise at around 6 AM at Marina Barrage There are perfect places for sunrise such as East Coast Park, Woodlands Waterfront Park, Marina Barrage, and Mount Faber Park. Marina Park where you can see Merlion – the icon of Singapore, is also a great choice for capturing sunrise and iconic landscape images. After morning activity, you can have a short nap before going for sight seeing. During the day, don’t miss a chance to explore museums, amusement parks, or cultural sites. Finally, it is great to end the day by  watching sunset at Changi point coastal, Marina Bay Sands Skylark, Henderson Waves, or Punggol Waterway Park. Since there are so much to see, It is better to make a whole day plan from the day one to the end of the trip.

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