Where to Stroll from Morning to Night in Singapore

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Singapore has a lot to offer and one day is never enough to explore the beauty of this awesome country. If you are planning for a short trip to Singapore, you will need to make a great planning for a whole day and the next days.There are a bunch of indoor and outdoor activities to do from sunrise until sunset. You can spend most of the day at the museums, malls, amusement parks, zoo, or other tourist attraction sites that open during the day, while at night you can end your day with a leisure walk. Here are some incredible places you might not wanna miss:

Gardens By The Bay


supertree grove in singapore
supertree grove

Located at 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Gardens By The Bay is a huge green space nearby the urban district. Unlike any other gardens, this garden is the cross between futuristic architecture and tropical garden. There is an area called SuperTree Grove where you will be enchanted by its colorful plants decorating the massive towers forming futuristic trees. These 50 meter-high trees are connected by a half moon shaped bridge that allows you to see the garden beauty from the top. At night the trees lit up beautifully with different colors from the bottom to the top and as seen from the distance, this area is like a glowing magenta wonderland. It’s such a heavenly place for a night stroll and don’t miss the Green Rhapsody light show that starts at 19:45 to 20:45. You can come in the morning, day, or night as the park opens at 05:00 – 02:00. If you like morning jog, come in the morning and enjoy the fresh air with the green panoramic view around the bay area. Be sure that you wear comfortable shoes and lightweight outfit as it is warm and humid outside.

cloud forest singapore
Cloud Forest

When the sun is up, get yourself chilled inside the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. These magnificent indoor spaces allow you to explore the tropical heaven in a delightful way. In Singapore, you don’t need to climb the mountain to experience the mountainous atmosphere as you can simply enter Cloud Forest and feel the joy of being closer to nature. There are a wide variety of plants grown beautifully inside a shell-shaped conservatory named Cloud Forest. Inside the Cloud Forest, you will see an exquisite wall planted with diverse plants, a stunning mist of waterfall like in the tropical mountains, and a unique skywalk that gets you closer to the sky. You won’t spend a penny to enter the park. Getting into Flower Dome and Cloud Forest will cost you $25 and additional $5 to enter the SkyWalk, but it’s totally worth it! Every tourist attraction in Gardens By The Bay area never fail to enchant you by its futuristic design and all-in-one tropical environment like no other.

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