Ultimate Female Travel Packing List For Indonesia

Indonesia is a tropical country with the average air temperature between 27-33 degree celsius and it is very humid. It’s a heaven for those who seek for an everlasting summer getaway. Before travelling, you need to make sure that you pack everything you need to adjust with the local environment. Here is the list of items you should prepare:


A backpack is a great choice for those who have dense travelling schedule and prefer to move fast. Since you are not travelling to a snowy country where you have to pack a heavy winter coat, you don’t really need a massive luggage. Summer outfits are super thin and lightweight, so these won’t take so much space in your bag. Storing your clothes into compression bags help you to pack efficiently.


There are two kinds of day in Indonesia; sunny and rainy day. Normally, it often rains from October to Apri. You should bring an umbrella in your backpack. Get a travel umbrella that is designed to protect you from sun and rain.


Getting a sunburn will kill the joy, so get your skin protected during the midday. Mind getting a waterproof sunblock if you are planning to swim. Safe Sea is one of the best sunblock brands for beach activity. It protects you from UV and prevents stings from jellyfish and sea lice, so you can enjoy snorkelling, diving, and other water activities with no worry.


Make sure you wear sunglasses that is designed not only for style but also built to protect your eyes. The sun is very strong, especially in the coastal area, so wear sunglasses with 100% UV protection coating.

Summer outfit

Cotton and linen fabrics are perfect for tropical country. It’s sunny mostly, so be sure to wear something comfy and lightweight during the day. If you are travelling to the mountainous area, you might wanna bring a jacket, but not a winter jacket as the coldest temperature range at night is between 18-21.

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